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We are based in Sydney, Australia.

Apixel was officially founded in 1999 to develop training materials for corporations. The range of materials included CD Rom based projects; web distributed e-learning solutions; and, documentation of software and its processes. We then spent an enjoyable seven years developing Metamorphosis - a rapid coursware development tool. It allowed us to understand the process from a tool developer's point of view.

In November 2014 we partnered with Russell Noakes an experienced writer, trainer, and instructional designer to offer our clients a full e-learning service. From conception, to design and development to implementation and validation. Russell has brought an increased level of vibrancy and interest to our work. His work has been enthusiastically received by all concerned.

Our clients have included many large Australian corporations, as well as consulting to some of Sydney's leading e-learning companies. We:

This is a gallery of images of some of the projects we have been involved with:

The e-learning we've developed has been done with a variety of tools including Authorware, Flash, Adobe Acrobat, Lectora, Captivate, HTML Help, MS SQL Server, ASP, and using "raw" HTML (together with JavaScript and CSS) to a very high standard.

About the help and assistance we give, our clients have said:

"[Your] tech support has been truly first rate."
"You do a great job answering my questions and giving me the support I need."
"We get good technical support."
"How refreshing to find a company that firmly believes in customer care of the highest level."

We are proud of who we are and the quality of the work we produce.

Skills and services
Elearning development (lectora, captivate, HTML5, CSS, SCORM compliance, Tin Can - xAPI)
Web site design (javascript, usability, database integration)

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